Taxi had the opportunity to work with Plan B - which is a emergency contraceptive pill or better known as the morning after pill.  The campaign was to create awareness towards our younger generations who have grown up with a sexually open attitude.  As you can see in the first ad they have a brand awareness item which they gave out at events that say  ”The I should have kept my panties on pill” which was wrapped around a packet of panties.  The second ad features lit up boards placed in washrooms that say “the condom broke pill,” “The he didn’t pull out in time pill.” If you look at the colours they contrast but they work perfectly, bright and vivid they grab your attention immediately.  The word “the pill” itself is put in a different colour than the rest of the sentence so you already get a sense of what the ad is about.  I think the ad works well and for something so minimalistic its quite witty and gets the point across.